Ascension, noun - the act of rising to an important position or a higher level.
An Endless Stream Of Sex and Love For The Rest Of Your Life
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The First Ever Live IN-PERSON + 12 Week Virtual Coaching Program In The World

12 Weeks of LIVE Virtual Modules With Aaron Alexander and Alpha Chad.
These modules are earth shattering topics guaranteed to get you the baddest bitches. Ranging from high status expressive communication to daygame mastery to online profile setups to making women fall completely in love with you, this program covers it all. 

Each of these 12 modules will happen live on Saturdays with Aaron and Alpha Chad at 1pmEST. Each module is specifically designed to take all of Aaron's knowledge and power that he's acquired over his 8 years now in the game moving from a depressed INCEL to now being able to sleep with gorgeous girls whenever he wants, to being a high value man that men respect and that women want to fuck. Sounds nice right?

At the end of each Module we will be doing live interactive exercises where each client will be participating and being held accountable. Being pushed. Being directly coached by Aaron.

What if I miss a module because something comes up? All modules and workshops will be recorded and sent to each student to keep forever. Then just try your best to make it to each mid-week check in call.

Mid Week Check-in Calls With Alpha Chad

Not only will you be accessing these 12 earth shattering modules, you will also have access to a check-in call with Alpha Chad in the middle of the week where you guys will be able to track progress, get help with any sticking points and also be held more accountable than any other program could possibly offer. Alpha Chad has been assistant coaching with Aaron for three years now and is a master of helping clients overcome internal resistance. 
LIVE Bootcamp Experience
Evolution Daily bootcamps with Aaron Alexander are like no other experience you've ever had in your entire life. Absolute Game CHANGERS FOR SO MANY GUYS!!

Come work with Aaron in-person. Get pushed into approaches. Get live feedback. There is no substitute for LIVE feedback. Where he is able to see what you're doing WRONG, and ELIMINATE it then see what you're doing RIGHT, and CAPITALIZE on it.

One of the biggest benefits of doing a bootcamp with Aaron is actually being able to see him in the field, it's shocking for many guys who have never actually been around somebody who's able to really crush it in the game. That energy will fuel you and show you that anything is possible.

The only two available bootcamp dates for you to come work with Aaron in-person are Halloween weekend and November 7th. If you cannot come one of those weekends then tell Alpha Chad once you talk to him.
On Top of doing all of the 12 weeks of coaching with Aaron and Alpha Chad, you are also going to receive a 1 on 1 90 minute coaching call with Hadia. Hadia specializes in helping men to overcome a lot of the trauma they have that holds them back from being good with women. She has been a personal coach to Aaron Alexander for years and is a major part of how he got to where he is today. Allow her to free your mind, body, and soul and help you achieve your deepest desires.

Aaron how could I possibly have an endless stream of sex and love for the rest of my life From This Program?

Bold claim, right?

Imagine that you and ten friends win the lottery... millions and millions of dollars...

Did you know that based on current statistics that 7 of you would end up absolutely bankrupt and more poor than you ever were EVEN BEFORE winning the lottery?

Why? Because lottery winners do NOT develop any kind of foundational skills or systems for making money.

Now let's take men like Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Tai Lopez, and Gary Vaynerchuk

Business after business after business they dip their toe into a pool and that pool becomes gold. They consistently create wealth over and over and over again.

Systems, strategies, knowledge, and power.

Unfortunately, when it comes to getting laid, most men are like the winners of the lottery.

They are just shooting random arrows into the darkness.

I'm sure you can relate.

Ascension is a 12 week program that combines all of the benefits of long term online coaching, accountability and strategy WITH all of the benefits of an in-person weekend long coaching program.

You will be gifted with the systems, exercises, and expertise that it has taken me 8 years to cultivate.

By the end of this program you will be a full optimized, happy, and successful man.

A Message From Aaron Alexander

There might not be a single human being on planet earth with the same credibility I have to teach men how to become higher versions of themselves. 

I was a genuine "bottom of the barrel" dude. I had no value to offer women. I was 290lbs with awful acne smoking cigs and binge drinking in my basement. 

Not only was I unattractive but my sense of inferiority about literally every single aspect of my life caused me to have awful social anxiety and enter a hopeless pit of depression

Enter: The Game

Once I discovered pickup, it was game over. It was a slow rocky start but since my incel beginnings I have now become a man that's in great shape, who slays hotties regularly, who can have whatever type of relationship he wants.

I've gotten my mind right, I've discovered things that you won't find anywhere else.

If you're ready to ascend with me, apply today.

The Modules And Workshops

Week 1: Commencement Week - Reawakening Your God Given Masculinity - Creating Your Individualized Roadmap - Becoming A Hero - Red Pill Basics - THE ULTIMATE KICKOFF

Week 2: Virtual Domination - Online Dating - social media profiles - photos - texting  

Week 3: Cold Approach Domination Part 1 + Workshop

Week 4: Fashion, Body Language, Appearance + Workshop

Week 5: Halloween Bootcamp Weekend + Q&A Virtual Workshop

Week 6: Alternative Weekend Bootcamp + Q&A Virtual Workshop

Week 7: Mind Mastering Enigmatic Session ft. Hadia + Workshop

Week 8: Expressive High Status Communication Part 1 + Workshop

Week 9: Expressive High Status Communication Part 2 + Workshop

Week 10: Cold Approach Domination Part Two

Week 11: Business/Investment/Personal Finance ft. A Venture Capital Millionaire + Workshop

Week 12: Obsessed - Making Women Fall Completely In Love With You + Workshop